The Impressive Search Visibility of US Health Insurance [Search Engine Journal]

It’s sometimes amazing how our current situation would prompt us to create a website that would eventually become visible on Search Engine Result Pages. Take Vip Patel for example, whose personal problems with health insurance led him to creating a website—eHealthInsurance—with an impressive search visibility.

From Smilena Spasova‘s post on search marketing news site Search Engine Journal:

What impressed me right away was the fact that is more than 25 percent ahead of the rest (of the) domains in the US Health Insurance category…. If we were to compare and, the two domains show similarities in both interface and services. However, eHealthInsurance’s Price/Plan Comparison tool feels more intuitive, user-friendly, and covers a larger range of plans to choose from.

If you’re still curious about the impressive search visibility of US health insurance on the Web, you can check out SEJ to learn more.

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