Matt Cutts Answers: Does a Site Rank Better if it has a lot of Indexed Pages? [Search Engine Journal]

In a post shared by Kelsey Jones on search marketing news site Search Engine Journal, Google’s Matt Cutts received a question from Leah of New York. The sender asks whether having more indexed pages equate to a better page rank.

The short answer here is that more indexed pages doesn’t always equal better rank. From Jones’ post:

While Matt Cutts does assert that having indexed pages that have applicable keywords that users are searching for make them more likely to have better pagerank [sic], he goes on to further assert that this doesn’t guarantee better page rankings for your entire website.

This video is another reminder that when it comes to website page content, quality over quantity is an important guideline.

As the old adage goes: Content is king!

Kelsey Jones is a regular guest columnist for Search Engine Journal. See all of her posts here.

Aki Libo-on

Aki Libo-on

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