Maximizing Marketing Spend: Why Does Your Business Needs It? [Search Engine Journal]

There is no denying that Internet users have more access to millions of information than even before. A few types on the computer keyboard and a number of clicks and they can acquire the data that they need. That’s why it is important for businesses to retarget their online marketing strategy.

Why your business needs it? According to Sean Foote:

Executing a solid retargeting strategy is the art of keeping your brand in front of website visitors during the duration of their decision-making phase. If you’re not retargeting traffic, you are not maximizing a huge portion of your marketing budget.

You can do this by following Sean’s five steps to maximizing marketing spend as posted on search marketing news site Search Engine Journal. By doing so, you can make sure that your business can maintain its brand awareness on the Web.

"Dart Board" by Paul Anderson | MorgueFile

“Dart Board” by Paul Anderson | MorgueFile

Sean Foote is a regular guest columnist for Search Engine Journal. See all of his posts here.


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