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We love fashion and celebrity gossip, so it’s a good thing they tend to go hand in hand. We have writers and stylists hard at work every day, posting on the latest and greatest trends, seasons, releases and new colorways.

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  • Celebrity Clothing Line


    Celebrity Clothing Line covers the love-hate-love relationship between stars and fashion with trends reporting, ensemble reviews and our popular red carpet coverage.

    Gender: 62% female
    Young Adult: 38% ages 18-34
    Educated: 56% college or post-college degrees

    142K visitors, 192K pageviews
  • Fab Crush


    Fab Crush combines the latest womenswear, fashion and accessories along with insight on trends, sales and sources. From cool finds to celebrity looks, the best shoes, handbags, dresses, jewelry and more.

    Gender: 73% Female
    Young Adult: 25% ages 18-24
    Less Affluent: 58% Educated: 62% College or post-college graduates

    5K visitors, 8K pageviews
  • Akoo Clothing Line


    Akoo “A King of Oneself” is a menswear line Akoo by rapper and actor T.I. Our fanblog showcases all new Akoo seasonal lines and accessories.T.I. news, concerts and appearances are also covered here.

    Gender: 65% male
    Age: High school to college. 50% 24 and under
    Household: 61% has kids
    Less affluent: 56% HHI <$100K/year
    Educated: 58% college or post-college degrees
    African-American: 34%

    29K visitors, 60K pageviews