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  • Search Engine Journal

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    “SEJ” is unique in its community-based approach to search marketing coverage. Content is sourced from the real experts: in-house and independent Internet marketers.

    Gender: 61% male
    More Affluent: 24% HHI $100k+
    Middle-aged: 26% ages 25-44

    820K visitors, 3.8M pageviews
  • BloggerTalk


    The business of blogging, by bloggers, for bloggers. Blogger Talk publishes news, guides and how-tos on how to find, attract and keep your audience.

    Gender: 52% male
    Age Range: 54% ages 35-54
    Less affluent: 46% HHI >$100K/year
    Educated: 63% college and post-college

    2.7K visitors, 3.8K pageviews