Cleaning Your Online Reputation for Job Hunting [Search Engine Journal]

With technology taking leaps and bounds in various aspects of our life, there’s no denying that it also eases our job hunting spree. Well, that depends if you know how to make your personal brand look awesome online. From Zac Johnson‘s post on search marketing news website Search Engine Journal: If you are lucky enough […]

Koenigsegg’s One:1 Megacar Revealed! [EveryGuyed]

Koenigsegg, a Sweden-based hypercar manufacturer, took the wraps off of what they claim to be the world’s first “megacar”—the One:1. From Erik Adler‘s post on men’s fashion and lifestyle website EveryGuyed: No doubt designed to take aim at the Hennessey Venom GT as the world’s fastest production car, the One:1 is powered by a new […]

Your Guide to Running Top Notch AdWords Campaigns [Search Engine Journal]

It’s a no-brainer that Google AdWords is essential to businesses that exercises e-commerce. However, not everyone knows how to take advantage of this tool. From Rocco Baldassarre‘s post on search marketing news website Search Engine Journal: It is clear AdWords has become a must for businesses who want to drive relevant traffic to their websites. […]

Your Quick #Magento Configuration Guide [Search Engine Journal]

Working in the Online Marketing industry would sometimes require the use of tools to help ease the work. Magento is one of them. However, third-party tools would come with an issue or two. From Paul Rogers‘ post on search marketing news website Search Engine Journal: Magento is the most-used e-commerce platform in the world and […]

Supreme x New Era “Hebrew Logo” [SoJones]

Spring is almost here and it’s time that you update your wardrobe! And what better thing to add in your line of outfits than a new collection of cap? From Frankie Calcana‘s post on urban fashion and lifestyle website SoJones: For its Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, Supreme has teamed up with New Era for a Hebrew logo […]