Check Out EveryGuyed’s ‘Stacy Adams Armstrong Brogue’ Giveaway [EveryGuyed]

Erik Adler, Alpha Brand Media‘s editorial director, shared his review regarding Stacy Adam’s ‘Armstrong’ brogues on men’s fashion and lifestyle website EveryGuyed. According to him:

Overall, we think it’s a great casual outfit for a sunny fall day, and trust us when we say these shoes are as comfortable as your most beat-up pair of go-to kicks.

In addition to this, Erik also announced the Styling Your Stacy Adams ‘Armstrong’ Brogue and Giveaway, wherein one lucky reader will receive a pair of Stacy Adams shoes that they like. Check out EveryGuyed for the guidelines.

Stacy Adams 'Armstrong' Brogue | Official Facebook Page

Stacy Adams ‘Armstrong’ Brogue | Official Facebook Page

Erik Adler is the Editorial Director of Alpha Brand Media and regular contributor for EveryGuyed. See all of his posts here.

Aki Libo-on

Aki Libo-on

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Aki Libo-on is the Web Content Writer for Alpha Brand Media. When not working, she is always on the hunt for good food and good places to dine in, which is chronicled on her personal food blog.

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