Are Influencer Groups Set to Dominate Marketing? [Search Engine Journal]

Let’s face it, consumers trust brands recommended to them by a third-party—which can be a family member, friend or a blogger whom they follow and trust. That’s why it’s a no-brainer that companies are reaching out to various online influencers to talk about their brand and services.

From Brian Zeng’s post on search marketing news site Search Engine Journal:

Since marketing and SEO and PR are all very progressive in nature, this solid trend of reaching out to a third-party is slowly morphing into something different. We’re starting to see campaigns target a tribe or a group of influencers at one time instead of individual bloggers or social media users. And this trend, I believe, is about to dominate influencer marketing for larger brands and campaigns with a budget.

If you’re wondering whether influencer groups are set to dominate marketing, you can visit Search Engine Journal to know more.

Are Influencer Groups Set to Dominate Marketing?

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