ABM Websites Listed for Sale

Since 2008, independent digital publisher Alpha Brand Media has been focused on building content-rich, niche websites that brings in targeted audience to advertisers. However, the need to maintain a sharp focus on other projects has become ABM’s priority, which is why the company decided to sell off a number of their websites on Flippa. Check […]

Optimizing Your Business Page on LinkedIn [Search Engine Journal]

Other than having an “All-Star” LinkedIn Profile, it is also important that your business has its own page on LinkedIn. From Albert Costill’s post on search marketing news site Search Engine Journal, “LinkedIn company pages are more and more popular among marketers who are looking to engage with their networks, generate leads, and showcase their […]

The Yves Saint Laurent Movie Poster is Out [EveryGuyed]

Yves Saint Laurent is known for revolutionizing women’s fashion, such as introducing tuxedos for women. But other than being a celebrated fashion designer, he is also remembered for his “turbulent life.” From Albert Costill’s post on men’s fashion and lifestyle website EveryGuyed: Saint Laurent is also remembered for his turbulent life that included depression and […]

Incorporating Best Visual Practices on Web Designing [Search Engine Journal]

Gone are the days when Internet users have to consume black text on white background just to look for the information that they need. Nowadays, websites are going visual to catch their audience’s attention. From Shane Jone’s post on search marketing new site Search Engine Journal: Almost all humans are designed to think visually—90 percent […]

Check out Levi’s Made & Crafted Spring/Summer 2014 Collection! [EveryGuyed]

Levi’s recently released their Spring/Summer 2014 collection that features all types of apparel essential for the warm weather. The capsule includes printed T-shirts, crewnecks and button-downs. Albert Costill also posted on men’s fashion and lifestyle website EveryGuyed: What makes the Levi’s Made & Crafted Collection so unique is the quality and construction of the items. […]