Meet the Norse Project x White Oak Cone Denim [EveryGuyed]

A pair of denim is always a must-have for man and woman. In fact, the demand for “selvage” denim prompted the White Oak plant in Greensboro, NC to spin its loom once again. It became so popular that Norse Project, one of the most respected labels today, collaborated with the classic denim producer to come […]

What You Can Learn from This Interesting Social Media Studies [Search Engine Journal]

According Leo Widrich, co-founder of Buffer, things aren’t very defined when it comes to social media. From his post on search marketing news website Search Engine Journal: One of the first things I’ve learnt, close to 2 years ago when taking the plunge into Social Media with Buffer, was that things aren’t yet very defined. […]

The Grooming Products that You Can Buy in a Drugstore [EveryGuyed]

It’s human nature that we groom ourselves. Whether we’re just staying at home, going out to meet our friends, or have a meeting with our boss, each and every one of us do some sort of grooming. But, perhaps, what you didn’t know is that you can purchase an affordable grooming product in a drugstore […]

6 Must-Attend Local Advertising and Marketing Conferences in 2014 [Search Engine Journal]

In the past years, more and more brands are showing interest in local digital marketing. From Prashant Puri’s post on search marketing news website Search Engine Journal: US local digital ad spend is slated to increase from $25.7B in 2013 to $41.1B in 2017—which is a 12 percent CAGR increase according to BIA/Kelsey. Local spending […]

Making an “All-Star” LinkedIn Profile [Search Engine Journal]

While LinkedIn is integral in online personal branding, as well as making wider business connections, there’s something you need to do to get noticed online. From Albert Costill‘s post on search marketing news website Search Engine Journal: Obviously, your profile needs to contain vital information: Job experience, skills, education, etc. But when 50 percent of […]