Essential Grooming Items Every Man Should Own [EveryGuyed]

Last week, Albert Costill of men’s fashion and lifestyle website EveryGuyed shared on his post—Six Essential Grooming Items for Men—that men grooming have been present since time immemorial. From Pleistocene period up to the 21st century, sons of Adam have been conscious of their appearance.

That’s why he listed six grooming items that every man should have. Why would a man need grooming kits, you ask? Albert has an answer for you:

You could look extremely dapper in your custom made suit. But, if you’re not groomed, that suit is just a waste of money because people will remember you as the guy with unkempt fingernails, long nose hairs and a razor burned face. That’s not appealing whatsoever.

So, yeah, you should invest on a shaving kit that are readily available in brick-and-mortar stores near you or on Amazon.

"Shaving Kit" by Agatha Brown | MorgueFile

“Shaving Kit” by Agatha Brown | MorgueFile

Albert Costill is a regular contributor for EveryGuyed. See all of his posts here.

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