Sneakers Must Haves for Spring 2014 [EveryGuyed]

While every occasion requires the right outfit, including footwear, there are many times when you can wear a pair of sneakers. From Albert Costill‘s post on men’s fashion and lifestyle website EveryGuyed:

Whether you’re getting in a workout, spending your weekend catching up on errands or grabbing a beer with some friends, sneakers are an essential item. In fact, rules have relaxed a little bit on when and where men wear sneakers. It’s not uncommon for a guy to go out and look sharp while wearing an Oxford, khakis and decent sneakers.

So what are the five sneakers you need to sport this spring? Head on to EveryGuyed to now.

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Albert Costill is a regular contributor for EveryGuyed. See all of his posts here.


Image Credit: Barneys New York

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