Birchbox for Men: The Ultimate Holiday Present for Him [EveryGuyed]

Christmas is coming, and do you know what that means? Gifts! If you are looking for something personalized to give to your special man—be it your dad, your husband, brother or best guy friend—Birchbox for Men will fit the bill. As Erik Adler posted on men’s fashion and lifestyle website EveryGuyed: Finding a thoughtful and […]

Dress Up for Thanksgiving [EveryGuyed]

Its Thanksgiving this Thursday, and that means you’ll be stuffing your face with turkey, pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes. But Albert Costill pointed out: It is, to say the least, a wonderful day to live. But, you can’t arrive to your Thanksgiving destination wearing a football jersey and a pair of sweatpants, no matter how […]

Moleskine Launches Star Wars 2013 Notebook [EveryGuyed]

Years have passed and it is still evident that fans still love George Lucas’ Star Wars. Because of this, Moleskine launched their Star Wars 2013 Notebook Collection. According to Erik Adler of men’s lifestyle and fashion website EveryGuyed: A rework of Moleskine’s classic notebook (a favorite of Hemingway and Picasso), each notebook features an iconic line […]

Check Out EveryGuyed’s ‘Stacy Adams Armstrong Brogue’ Giveaway [EveryGuyed]

Erik Adler, Alpha Brand Media‘s editorial director, shared his review regarding Stacy Adam’s ‘Armstrong’ brogues on men’s fashion and lifestyle website EveryGuyed. According to him: Overall, we think it’s a great casual outfit for a sunny fall day, and trust us when we say these shoes are as comfortable as your most beat-up pair of […]

Keep it Warm with these 13 Fashionable Sweaters [EveryGuyed]

Christmas is fast approaching and that means cold weather ahead. And when there’s cold weather, the first thing that you should do is bring out your coats and sweaters. But why pick up your battle worn sweaters when you can pick one of these 13 sweaters to bundle-up in this fall? From Albert Costill’s latest […]