Cleaning Your Online Reputation for Job Hunting [Search Engine Journal]

With technology taking leaps and bounds in various aspects of our life, there’s no denying that it also eases our job hunting spree. Well, that depends if you know how to make your personal brand look awesome online.

From Zac Johnson‘s post on search marketing news website Search Engine Journal:

If you are lucky enough to be pulled from the list of thousands of other applicants, the company will then search the Internet for everything surrounding your name. Should something negative be found in the search results, your name will be thrown out and they will move on to the next applicant. The cycle continues until you clean up your online reputation.

It’s really not your fault for what appears at the top of the search results and for what you’ve posted on the Internet years ago and didn’t know much better. However, it is your fault for not taking the time to realize that you can do something about it.

In relation to this, Johnson posted a job hunter’s guide to personal branding. Visit SEJ to learn more.

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Zac Johnson is a regular guest columnist for Search Engine Journal. See all of his posts here.


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