Creating a Psychology-Based Marketing Strategy [Search Engine Journal]

Online marketing always prompts us to put into account what motivates our audience to proceed to conversion or make a purchase. Thus, it is always important to build an online marketing strategy based on human behavior.

From Anna Francis’ post on search marketing news site Search Engine Journal:

With content marketing now the driving force behind the majority of search marketing strategies, it is important to create content that makes a difference. The basics involve creating content that is of interest to the person who sees it, in the hopes that they will share it and at best link to it.

And to break down the process further, Anna shares tips on how to create a Psychology-based marketing strategy. What are the factors you need to consider when developing your SEO strategy? Head on to SEJ to know.

Creating a Psychology-Based Marketing Strategy

Anna Francis is a regular guest columnist for Search Engine Journal. See all of her posts here.


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