The SEO’s Guide to Google Hummingbird [Search Engine Journal]

Following the announcement of Google Hummingbird earlier last month, the people at brainstormed how businesses can take advantage of this search engine update. As a result, Alesia Krush shared the How to Thrill Google Hummingbird: The SEO’s Guide infographic. Based on her post on search marketing news site Search Engine Journal:

We carefully considered all official statements Google made about the algorithm change and, 10 coffees later, a plan for adjusting our SEO strategy to the new Google’s game rules was born.

The infographic shares what businesses need to know about Google Hummingbird, as well as how businesses can make the most out of it. So head on now to SEJ to learn more about this latest search algorithm update.

'How to Thrill Google Hummingbird' Infographic | Search Engine Journal

‘How to Thrill Google Hummingbird’ Infographic | Search Engine Journal

Alesia Krush is a regular guest columnist for Search Engine Journal. See all of her posts here.

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