New ‘Justified’ Season, Coming this January 7 [EveryGuyed]

Good news to all Raylan Givens fans out there, it was recently posted on men’s lifestyle and fashion website EveryGuyed that the new season of Justified will premiere on January 7, 2014! From Erik Adler‘s post:

When the infamous Crowe family settles into Harlan with criminal enterprise in mind, will Raylan be able to show them his kind of justice? Justified returns for an all new season Tuesday, January 7 at 10p on FX.

To give you more fan service, you can check out the Justified “Rascal” Season 5 TV Trailer on EveryGuyed.

Justified "Rascal" Trailer | Official YouTube Video

Justified “Rascal” Trailer | Official YouTube Video

Erik is Alpha Brand Media‘s editorial director and a regular contributor for EveryGuyed. See all of his posts here.

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