After the Google Penguin Era: Link Building Tactics for Your Company [Search Engine Journal]

Following the release of Google Penguin, which caused havoc on website ranking, it became common sense knowledge that the quality of your inbound links are more important than quantity.

Inbound links are the backlinks your website gets from other online sources. The keywords used to connect to your content and the credibility of the link source could affect your website’s search engine ranking if you don’t follow Google Penguin’s criteria. Because of this, Jayson DeMers shared four post-Penguin link building tactics every company should do on search marketing news site Search Engine Journal.

Link building is a time-intensive process, but it’s also part of a much broader strategy of content marketing. Publish amazing content (both on and off your website) and you’ll be rewarded with inbound links, traffic, leads, and sales.

Whether you do your own link building strategy or hire someone to do it, it is important to have a plan and budget in place in order to help your brand grow.

"All Chains" by Breon Warwick | MorgueFile

“All Chains” by Breon Warwick | MorgueFile

Jayson DeMers is a regular guest columnist for Search Engine Journal. See all of his posts here.

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