The Link Economy and What You Need to Know [Search Engine Journal]

While marketers love to talk about their Search Engine Marketing campaign’s return on investment, they don’t usually brag about their organic traffic.

In Oliver Roup‘s recent post on search marketing news site Search Engine Journal, he shared that hyperlink allows Internet users to go from one web page to another. However, sources are not getting paid for it. In case there is compensation, it is certainly less than it could be.

The hyperlink is the defining feature of the web, the literal H in HTML. Every time a reader clicks one of the links in your content, you’re delivering value to the destination. Those destination sites value your traffic but in most cases you’re not getting paid for it and if you are, it’s almost certainly less than it could be.

In relation to this, Roup shared what link economy is all about and why your links are getting ripped off. Head on to SEJ to learn more.

"All Chains" by Breon Warwick | MorgueFile

“All Chains” by Breon Warwick | MorgueFile

Oliver Roup is a regular guest columnist for Search Engine Journal. See all of his posts here.

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Aki Libo-on

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